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18 October 2009

Twitter - Doreen Virtue Quote

True guidance is repetitive and consistent. If you're unsure of the guidance, wait three days. True guidance will say the same thing then.

28 April 2009

Its been awhile...what is your story?

Ok so its been awhile. Ive had things to say but its hard getting "motivated" to sit down and write them. I tend to float off with facebook or emails or the latest twitter!
Over recent weeks I have had a few 'signs ' to check in and keep an eye on what im doing or life will pass me by.
Was sick for a few weeks and obviously not processing life as well as could be expected. Then last week I watched the movie Australia. I found a wonderful message in that movie - Hugh jackman "drover" says to nic kidman who was trying to prevent the little aboriginal boy (sorry cant remember his name) from going walkabout - you have to let him go, otherwise he wont have his story to tell. he needs his story. and continued with the explanation.
But it got me thinking and this is what i would like you to ponder too.
What is your story? Do you like your story? What do you want your story to say after its all said and done...in some ways its like a eulogy but its an active one - one you can change all the time in the future but once something has been done -its permanent and its on the page. Not that theres anything wrong with that but if you really want to have the life you want - get thinking about what your story is that will be told. theres nothing like the present!
til next time - hopefully alot quicker!

25 January 2009


Today I had the honour and blessing of being chosen to be a godparent to one of my lifelong friends daughters.
What was interesting today though is that as I sat in church and recited the “I Do’s” and the “We Will’s” I looked around the church and realised that is all people were doing – reciting the words. They had no passion behind what they were saying and I even noticed some were busy doing other activities – looking at someone, picking up something, attending to their outfit; which made me think they then have no conscious intention behind what they are saying either.
This brought me to the conclusion that people’s understanding of rituals, their faith and these ceremonies needs a massive overhaul. Yes I admit I was saying the words but within myself I questioned really and truly what my faith was and whether I was being true to myself by agreeing to some of the statements read out by the priest.
My main objective for today was to support my friend and truly accept the responsibility of being a godparent for her daughter. With this responsibility though I believe that it doesn’t mean I have to totally agree with all that the religion advocates but that I support her in the understanding of her faith and questions she may have. Truly I believe a godparent is more that of a life support person who helps the spirit on their current journey on this earth. It is holistic and as my friend pointed out she chose us as she believed we were appropriate role models.
I truly support my goddaughter and her family and do as required within the framework to accept this role but what I note is of importance is that I understand the role of the ceremony no matter what the denomination of faith or religion is and that I am not just completing the ritual “just because” that is how it is……
Food for thought…..

11 January 2009

Ostara Health now on facebook

Happy New Year!
Yes I am a bit tardy in welcoming the new year on here. I hope you all had a fabulous time spending it how you wished.
Just a quick post to let you know I now have a profile for Ostara Health on facebook. Add me as a friend if you are interested in my business to see updates on there!
Hopefully time to post a longer entry soon!
Love and light